Before your session, Christina will check in with you regarding your general health and will discuss any issues or pain you are experiencing that massage may be able to help (e.g., tight shoulders or neck, headaches, back pain, etc.). This helps Christina focus the session around your current needs.

Evolution Bodywork & Massage offers sessions that use unscented lotion or sessions without the use of lotion.

For sessions that use lotion (most western styles use lotion), you will be asked to disrobe to your comfort level. Christina will leave the room so you can disrobe and lie down on the massage table under the sheet. During this type of session you will be draped at all times, with only the area of your body this is being worked on uncovered.

For non-lotion massages
, please arrive to your session in comfortable/stretchy pants/shorts and a t-shirt or tank top. You will lie on the massage table, under the sheet. Even though you will be clothed for this session, the body is more sensitive to chills as you are being worked on.

Remember that this is your time and if at any time you become uncomfortable, let Christina know and she will stop. If you want extra work on a particular area or if you prefer a part of your body to not be touched, please let Christina know as well. If you want to talk to Christina during the session, that is fine and if you want to close your eyes and relax to the music that is also fine. You know your body and your needs best and Christina will respond to make your massage right for you.

At the end of the session, Christina will let you know that she is finished and will leave the room so you can get dressed. At this time, you will likely be in a deeply relaxed state, so don’t jump up off the table too quickly—get dressed at a relaxed pace. When you are done, please open the door so Christina knows she can come back into the room.

Massage therapists are aware that many clients experience some initial degree of shyness, nervousness or anxiety over doing something new for the first time or with a new practitioner. Because of this, Christina will strive to make your experience a calm, relaxing and peaceful one.